Ask Afrika has grown to be the largest independent South African market research company with fieldwork capabilities in 95% of Sub-Saharan Africa. Proud of our local relevance, we continuously benchmark ourselves against the global context. Ask Afrika fuses art and science in perfect unity, crafting solutions to enable credible conversations about challenges in today's dynamic business environment.

Our national fieldwork force enables large-scale quantitative surveys for a number of our clients and TGI South Africa and the expansion of our African footprint gives us solid experience in over a dozen African countries.

Ask Afrika’s capabilities extend the full spectrum of both qualitative and quantitative techniques, including Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviewing (CATI), Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI), Paper Assisted Personal Interviewing (PAPI), Online and Mobile Data Collection, In-depth interviews and Focus Groups to mention some. Our comprehensive team of statisticians and researchers involved in programming, analysis and advanced modeling ensures quality information in the palm of your hands. We boast an 80 seater state-of-the-art call centre, in Stellenbosch, Cape Town and a large contingent of experienced B2B and B2C interviewer teams known for quality interviewing.

We are also famous for our objective performance evaluations through national benchmarks on Service Excellence (Ask Afrika Orange Index®), Corporate Reputation and Trust (Ask Afrika Trust Barometer®) and Brand Performance (TGI Icon Brands™).

Our multi-disciplinary approach combines statistical intellect and psychological perceptiveness with business acumen and industry understanding, unveiling the answers to the most challenging business questions. An educated, intelligent and inquisitive staff complement works within this framework, giving our clients the benefit of creatively applied research science, packaged in a simple, actionable format.

Our unique operating model underpins our commitment to engage in long-term, strategic partnerships with our blue chip client base across the globe, enabling credible conversations to drive business success.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ask Afrika, we have always visibly lived our core values and invested in our communities. We believe that, as a result of the power of cumulative funds (with like-minded companies), the outcomes are much more likely to be tangible and more effective in terms of impact than going at it alone. Therefore we team up with organisations which run and facilitate over 1000 projects in urban and rural townships across South Africa.

ISO 9001 Accreditation:

Our commitment to quality is entrenched in everything we do since we understand the fundamental role that research base decisions play in the strategic decisions made by our clients. We therefore aim to uphold the highest quality standards throughout every step of the value chain. Testimony to this, Ask Afrika is currently in the process of being ISO 9001 accredited, ensuring:

  • Adherence to a globally recognised quality standard
  • Adoption of Market Research industry standard of 20252 principles, addressing the requirements for market research worldwide
  • Formalises the development of an organizational quality management system
  • Consistent, high quality output
  • Continuous improvement of products and processes
  • Reduction in costs

Our accreditation will therefore formalise our quality commitment to our clients.

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Careers with Ask Afrika

At Ask Afrika we believe in asking questions, making waves and challenging the status quo! Collectively we embrace our diversity to become an innovative, ingenious, inquisitive, perceptive and purposeful team that our clients have come to love.

If you are passionate about market research and want to be part of a dynamic team that simply thrives on taking challenges and turning them into opportunities then a place on the inspirational TGI team might be the thing for you.

Contact us with your CV and join the force behind credible conversations in corporate South Africa.

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This is what clients tell us – why they love partnering with us…

REM Marketing

Ask Afrika is a world class African research firm and you will get the best results from them.

Mornay Coetzee
REM Marketing

RDA Group
Hey Ask Afrika Team,

We have noticed that you all have done a fantastic job in interviewing this month. Everyone did a great job in reading the questions verbatim, gathering accurate results and remaining professional and courteous.
Your efforts and accuracy help our team provide the best service and results to our clients. Thanks again and please keep up the hard work.
Tyler Gust
Research Analyst

Hi Ladies

Thank you for compiling an interesting study. The information was aligned to our findings and there are many opportunity gaps you have noted that can be filled. Kindly confirm when the presentation copies will be sent to us?
Noxy Ndhlovu
Twinsaver Brand Manager

Tiger Brands
There was positive feedback from the team- they were impressed by how you handled the results presentation! This is a huge complement from my team. You coming on board saved the project. Well done!
Mbulelo Tangweni
Out of Home Marketing Manager

“Thank you very much for all your work and effort that was put into this project. The presentation went very well and you did a great job.” LYNN PRETORIUS: Executive: Corporate Services

“The report presentations you did for us are wow! The amount of work and level of detail is phenomenal. Each time I view them I am delighted at the compact overview we now have – which for the first time means we can use the results as valuable tools to be used by the business units to understand what do clients really want and are we giving them what they need. You were always very professional and gave us what we wanted – no matter how much work it entailed.” - GERIAN MILLER: Group marketing communications specialist

“Controlling for the unforeseen”

“ Latest innovations in software and project management systems…”

“Being paranoid about data collection quality, respected and relevant field force capabilities…”

“ Understanding the client’s need for timeous decision-support”

“Advanced statistical and analytical capabilities…”

“Highly qualified and passionate research teams customising every research solution…”

“Simplifying complex data to aid timeous business decision making…”