Ask questions, make waves, challenge the status quo, dare to know

The Ask Afrika teams are made up of extraordinarily talented individuals with a collective passion for pushing the envelope and achieving excellence. On choosing Ask Afrika, our clients benefit from decades of collective, multi- disciplinary experience through our collaborative approach. We make it our business to encourage our personnel to achieve their objectives and to expand their horizons of knowledge.

In line with the soul of Africa, we strongly believe in giving back more than what we take, leaving the spheres in which we operate better for having been there. Since our inception we have therefore made it our purpose to being an equal employer as well as an entrepreneurial company that contribute to the upliftment of its communities.

Our roots, our spirit and our principles represent the best of what the bountiful continent Africa has to offer and we dare you to leverage us in seizing the opportunities on your horizon. Knowledge is power but obtaining knowledge requires courage, applied intelligence, innovation, inquisitiveness and an insatiable desire for truth.

We believe in asking the difficult questions, embracing the unexpected answers, living with profound purpose and opening our hearts to the world around us. Through connectedness we become who we are by virtue of positive relationships built on personal authenticity, reflection and respect, embracing diversity for improvement of the collective whole.

Our essence of ingenious propels us into a mode inventiveness that we have become famous for when working with clients to develop future focused research solutions to answer their toughest business questions.

We have a passion for building a legacy of distinction and achieving nothing less than excellence motivates us. This draws on our foundations of personal resilience, being proactive and accountable.

We believe that ethics should always come first, embraced in trust, openness and honesty.

In addition to all this, we know that being meaningfully different and making an impact requires one thing above all – courage.

We dare to know.

Meet our Leaders

At Ask Afrika our energetic business leadership team is committed to maintaining the highest principles of integrity and developing successful strategic client relationships. Our leadership connect Ask Afrika through harnessing engaged, talented, intellectual and motivated employee teams to advance our clients’ decision-making platforms.

Andrea Gevers, CEO and Founder

MA Research Psychology, INSEAD AVIRA / ODP

Andrea Gevers-Rademeyer is the CEO and founder of Ask Afrika. She did her Masters thesis on the role of research in modern business. Andrea is very much part of the history of Ask Afrika. She started the company 19 years ago as a one-woman show and, with exceptional brilliance, vision, creativity, and tenacity, built the company to a research and marketing organization that operates in Southern Africa for both local and global companies. She established the Ask Afrika Orange Index® -- a benchmark that measures service excellence in industry, and the Ask Afrika Trust Barometer®, another benchmark against which company directors vote for the most reputable companies, and their peers for the most trusted CEOs in various fields in business. Each year prestigious events are held during which the winners of each category in each section are announced. As founder and CEO of the company, Andrea was the South African representative at the World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research professionals known as ESOMAR until 2007. She is also registered with the South African Marketing Research Association and, as a research psychologist, with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. She was awarded Business Woman of the Year, as well as the prestigious Tuks Alumni Laureate Award in 2003. Under Andrea’s continued commitment to walk the talk of the company, Ask Afrika has achieved the 2009 Deloitte Best Company to Work For Standard of Excellence Award by gaining first position in the marketing industry. In her spare time, she can be found playing the flute, reading a biography, or cooking something exotic for friends and family.

Sarina de Beer, Managing Director

MA Research Psychology, INSEAD AVIRA

Sarina de Beer is Managing Director at Ask Afrika. She boasts two Masters degrees - one in Psychology, and one in Research Psychology. She started her career as a lecturer at the University of Pretoria, where a driving ambition was born to become a respected researcher. This drive flourished at Ask Afrika where she managed to create a synergy between business consulting and research. Sarina has successfully blurred the lines between research and the consultation of business-driven clients to ensure that they derive commercial value from research. Her business exposure lies across a range of industries and she has a passion for identifying social trends that impact brand expectations in the financial-services sector and the media industry. Together with her team, Sarina's futuristic outlook has ensured the differentiation of Ask Afrika by delivering research projects that enable decision-making. She is highly committed to the return on investment of human capital, and this is evident by the trust that the employees place in her. Her leisure time is spent with her family, reading and going to the theatre.

Maria Petousis, TGI Director

B Com Hons (Econometrics)

Maria Petousis is responsible to define and implement strategy at the Target Group Index (TGI), to select and lead the team to meet strategy as well as to secure new sales revenue. Maria Petousis is responsible for implementing strategy at the Target Group Index (TGI), selecting and leading the team to match the strategy as well as to secure new sales revenue. Maria focuses the team towards managing its growth markets effectively as well as managing all business information. She has diverse skills in both customised and syndicated research. Her business analytical fields of expertise include media and marketing strategy, brand equity, competitive analysis and customer satisfaction benchmarks, amongst others. She is passionate in capitalizing on the TGI product to ensure industry s pecific analyses, identifying consumer trends to ensure strategic value to clients whilst staying abreast of changing consumer behaviours. She gears the TGI Icon Brands benchmark survey - South Africa's broadest brand benchmark of 15,000 interviews across 550 product categories, identifying brands where loyal consumption and usage combined, identify winning status. In her spare time, Maria enjoys the gym, reading, travelling and the arts, through colorful mosaic creations.

At your Service

Ask Afrika’s team of client service directors and executives are there to assist you with all your enquiries and business needs. To contact us, dial +27 12 428 7400 or click to Email the individuals directly.

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Client Services Director:

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Key Accounts Manager: Automotive, Africa & International

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