Let’s be honest – nobody is an industry of “one”.
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Let’s be honest – nobody is an industry of “one”.
ask   |    benchmarks
Let’s be honest – nobody is an industry of “one”.
ask   |    benchmarks

What a business needs most for its decisions — especially its strategic ones — are data about what goes on outside it. Only outside a business are there results, opportunities and threats.” – Peter Drucker

Being able to evaluate performance and look at best practices and benchmarks means you can make informed decisions. We have created several industry benchmarks which enables normative data for our clients and include the Ask Afrika ORANGE INDEX®, Ask Afrika ICON BRANDS and the Ask Afrika KASI STAR BRANDS. Our results are regularly audited by reputable firms and specialist statisticians in their field.

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Unpacking the significant social change brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic

The quantitative study has been unpacking the socio-economic impact that the virus has had on the country since the start of the lockdown. The research explores different themes on a weekly basis to unpack relevant issues and to provide an immediate statistic.

This research is done pro-bono with the aim of providing independent views to businesses, Government, NGO’s, Trusts, and institutions to enable conversations and implement strategies for positive change to curb the spread of the virus.

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Service and customer experience measurements, diagnostics & Trends
– Since 2001

This annual benchmark gives insight into the psyche of the South Afrikan citizen, what they expect from brands and service engagements and how this impacts the customer experience landscape to inform relevant retailing strategies.

These insights give vision into the larger social trends of the country and the longitudinally of the study allows us to track and envision trends, specifically in relation to what is important to South Afrikans and how their expectations change in response to social, political and economic issues.

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Tap into the views of South Afrikan citizens

For agile, evidence-based research. More than just an online access panel, our sampling expertise and access to consumers create a way for citizens to make their voices heard. 

Tap into the minds of the general consumer or your specific target market.  

Our panelists have been pre-profiled ensuring we reach the correct respondents in answering your business question.  

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Integrated product usage, media consumption and consumer profiling

Enabling you to understand your brand’s performance in the category on product level, coupled with psychographic richness of the dataset that brings you closer to the consumer behind the purchase.

Incorporating the Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands and the Ask Afrika Icon Brands.

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