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The Ask Afrika Icon Brands survey measures brand relevance across all segments of the South African demographic. It is not a popularity contest and does not measure which brands people like or aspire to, it is all about which brands are used by South Africans and used loyally across the spectrum.

The survey measures solus usage, which means that consumers will use only one brand within the product category, rather than a repertoire of favourite brands. It is about actual behaviour and current usage. This is what differentiates Icon Brands from other surveys. Loyal usage, over and above footprint and what consumers like, is the holy grail for brand owners and the hardest element to achieve.

The Icon Brands survey uses the Target Group Index (TGI) database and 30 000 consumers are surveyed annually- representing over 24,7million adult South African consumers. The sample is weighted using STATS SA data and independently audited by BDO and Dr Arianne Neethling.

It is a metric that Chief Executive Offices, Chief Financial Officers and Chief Marketing Officers include in their scorecards as it is a measurement that goes to the heart of measuring marketing ROI.

Maximise your brand strategy through various Ask Afrika Icon Brands report options, including-

  • Competitor analysis - understanding the interrelation between competing brands
  • Understand loyal brand choice – key brands driving your category, in terms of users and positioning

Benchmark reports in addition to the Icon Brands reports include Kasi Star Brands, Youth Brands and Orange Index for service insights – take your pick!

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