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Target Group Index

Ask Afrika’s knowledge of brands is extensive. TGI compliments local and global currencies and offers the most comprehensive insights into consumer demographics, behaviour, product and brand usage with rich attitudinal statements.

The TGI (Target Group Index) survey, for which Ask Afrika owns the South African rights, is a large-scale single source probability survey and has a global geographic coverage of 70 markets. It measures products, brands and media habits and is already used by the majority of Top 50 advertisers and media owners in South Africa.

Tgi Summary

Socio-economic levels (SELs) – a quick reference guide

SELs are based on individual responses, rather than household ownership and segments the South African population into 10 unique groups (1 highest – 10 lowest). People living in the same household can score differently, and fall into different SEL groups. 13 variables are taken into account, and the individual receives a score.

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