Sarina de Beer

Managing Director

MA Research Psychology

“We live on the edge of forever, and the universe is our new portal upon the future of human understanding”
– Michael Francesco Alioto

Sarina has two master’s degrees in Psychology and Research Psychology and is focused on enabling business to become and remain relevant. Her focus is on better navigating client pain points, understanding how this affects them and directing her clients with understanding and context. Her business exposure lies across a range of industries and she has a passion for identifying social trends that impact brand expectations in the across industries.

She is highly committed to the return on investment of human capital, and this is evident by the trust that the employees place in her. Her leisure time is spent with her family, reading and going to the theatre.

Harmonized Competencies:

  • Hands-on leadership style
  • Future-forward strategic thinker
  • Impact-driven
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Contextualising research to societal change 
  • Client-centric

Impact-Driven Experience:

Together with her team, Sarina is focused on understanding the “why” around research strategy, instead of the “what” by taking a futuristic outlook when it comes to research strategy. Businesses are facing dynamic challenges in achieving excellence and, therefore, Sarina believes it is critical to help them remain relevant in an increasingly complex market, through guiding them with real understanding and context. This approach has ensured the differentiation of Ask Afrika by delivering research projects that enable decision-making.