Market Strategists are at the forefront of company thinking around the post-covid world
ask   |    Target Group Index (TGI)
Market Strategists are at the forefront of company thinking around the post-covid world
ask   |    Target Group Index (TGI)
Market Strategists are at the forefront of company thinking around the post-covid world
ask   |    Target Group Index (TGI)

Consumer beliefs have fundamentally shifted during C19- the behavioural changes on brand and retailer levels are significant. Marketers want to diagnostically understand how their brand personas have changed and can be met in the market. Using the TGI database of 2019 to compare with the 2020 TGI C-19 database is now a strategic imperative. This is the only available database which integrates 8000 brand behaviours with complete behavioural C-19 lockdown data.

The Target Group Index (TGI) is the most comprehensive database on all products, brands and media habits in South Afrika – allowing you to segment and understand what drives your market and cater to your marketing strategies on a tactical level.

TGI has a global geographic coverage of  70 markets and is used by the majority top 50 advertisers and media owners in South Afrika and is the industry standard for benchmarks.

Customised segmentation and analysis is performed on the data providing insights, recommendations and proposed strategies for the way forward. Customised reports are written providing meaningful, actionable steps that drive decisions for your business.

How can TGI be used to create strategic value?

  • Market evaluation tool
  • Integrated media tool
  • Customer profiling
  • Competitor review tool
  • Strategize to farm, hunt and poach
  • Targeted sponsorship campaigns
  • Use TGI for/with your marketing partner for strategies and planning
  • Gain competitive edge to win pitches
  • Inform your creative
  • Use a solid research base
  • Inform content development
  • Schedule planning
  • Address client briefs that drive sales
  • Audience intelligence and insights
  • Access rich and detailed media information, including heaviness of consumption and branded media

Questions our research answers for clients:

  • Understand consumer needs, desires, brand usage, attitudes, fears, perceptions and beliefs.
  • Understanding the market segments where your brand must be targeted.
  • Positioning your brand strategically and tactically for it to achieve its business objectives.
  • Understanding the competitive landscape your brand competes in from a consumer, not brand, vantage point.
  • Understanding how your brand compares to competitors and what constrains its growth.
  • Market segment targeting, segmentation, messages and online and offline media channel decisions for your brands.
  • Assisting you to compile brand and marketing strategies that will drive growth.
  • Assisting you to make the best media channel choices to target the desired segments for you brand.

Over 2 decades of brand intelligence.

The only available pre- and current Covid-19 database on 8000 products & brands, all media and psychographics

The best sample, the best data

Get access to a 24 000 national sample, covering 19 Product Sectors,  570+ Product Categories, Detailed Demographics & 8 media types – including outdoor & internet

  • Food
  • Household Products
  • Pets & Pet Foods
  • Pharmaceutical & Chemist
  • Toiletries & Cosmetics
  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Confectionery & Snacks
  • Tobacco Products
  • Motoring
  • Shopping, Retail & Clothing
  • Sports & Leisure
  • DIY & Gardening
  • Holidays & Travel
  • Financial Services
  • Communication & Internet
  • Appliances & Durables
  • Personal Items & Electronics
  • Government

Navigate the future with turn-key Solutions for everyone

Flexible pricing starting from R7,000 per user per month, accessible to all industry stakeholders

You are a data-driven maniac and need insights quickly, anytime, anywhere
  • 24-hour database access
  • Free software, full control
  • Share access with your agency
You have a specific project or pitch with limited time to do it yourself
Once-off interpreted
  • Ready to use PPT report (we even do it on your template)
  • Saves you time
  • Expert insights
You want to see the data for yourself and derive your own insights
data runs
  • You get to choose the extent of the analysis scope
  • Address your briefs quickly with quick turnaround times

or… top it up, with decisioneering for a strategic partnership accessing integrated, actionable insights

At your service

Maria Petousis
Industry Lead: TGI

Mariette Croukamp
Senior Client Strategist

Refilwe Sathekge
Senior Client Strategist

Elzette Correia
Senior Client Strategist