A diverse group of experts passionate about
bringing truth & integrity to research.

A varying executive with a wide range of academic backgrounds
and a combined passion for truth, breaking the status quo
and changing the way the world perceives Africa.

Andrea Rademeyer

Founder & Executive Chair


MA Research Psychology; AVIRA/INSEAD; YPO (HBS)

Andrea Rademeyer is the CEO and Founder of Ask Afrika. With an extensive academic background, Andrea is not just passionate about data and psychology. She believes in creating the space to ensure that we hear the truth from the billions of voices we have in Africa.

Educational Impact

Both the CEO and MD contribute to academia as guest lecturers and as part of selection panels.

Trained over 200 students on
brand marketing and analysis.

Hosted research conferences
for marketer training.

Sarina de Beer


Our MD

MA Research Psychology; AVIRA/INSEAD

As the Managing Director, my focus it to firmly establish Ask Afrika as the ultimate authority in benchmarking research. This necessitates a commitment to maintain the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of our work, every single day.

To be the best, we need to be consistently dedicated, be credible, innovative and perfectly in sync with what is happening in the market, both locally and in emerging markets. It requires a deep discipline in approaching each day with a determination to be better than our best, and to do so collectively. To learn more from and with each other, and apply ourselves not only for today but with a clear vision for what the future demands.

We need to show up everyday with a deep commitment to fulfil our strategy and to align our focus and energy on authentically becoming the ultimate authority in benchmarking research. We deliver data with a conscience, we are in the business of truth, and this is the measure of our honour and our commitment to our purpose.

We are always guided by our values and fixated on our goals for as long as they serve us, our clients and humanity.

We seek the Truth.
We deliver with Integrity.
We care about Humanity.

Social Conscience

education icon

We are deeply invested in job creation and education.

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We’re committed to evolving the research industry and improving its reputation.

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Our work informs government policy on improved society structure.

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Our benchmark surveys drive social impact decisions.

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