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Do something new every month that scares you.

If you look ahead and things look too similar, it’s time to shake things up. Let the crazy ideas come out; scare your partners a bit … Take it off the back-burner. Do it now!

Andrea Rademeyer, CEO

Want to be a part of this dream team?

We are intelligent, innovative and trusted advisers and researchers, and, when we put our heads and hearts together, we make things happen!

One of the zillion reasons to work for us is that we are bold – pushing the boundaries of traditional research far beyond what the industry could have imagined. We don’t shy away from controversy – we embrace it!

We give the people of this continent a platform to have a voice; all while helping brands better understand the market in which they operate.

Through uncompromised data integrity, we deliver insights that can empower brands to make better decisions.

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